Benefits of adopting a pet

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Where to adopt a pet?

There are many places to go to adopt a pet, from animal protectors, veterinary centers, shelters, animal associations, to individuals themselves.

Benefits of adopting

Adopting a pet will bring joy to your home as well as benefit your quality of life, improve your pet’s mood and decrease tensions.

The effectiveness of the therapies in which the pets participate has been demonstrated.

But beyond the physical and psychological benefits, to adopt a helpless dog or cat is to find a faithful and eternally grateful friend.

Advantages pets offer children

– Through a domestic animal the child has the opportunity to express affection and affection at the moment of taking care of it.

– A pet helps to develop the child’s maturity and teaches him the value of making a commitment.

– By taking care of the animal, the child develops a sense of responsibility.

– It increases the child’s self-confidence because he realises that his parents have entrusted him with the care of the pet and he feels able to do it very well.

– Through his pet the child understands that in addition to words there are other ways of transmitting affection.

This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)

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