At Easter alcohol is not necessary

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Healthcare launches a campaign to prevent alcohol consumption at Easter

The Councilman of Health, Noelia Grao, reported on Thursday that the Department, in collaboration with the Community Prevention Unit in Addictive Behavior of Orihuela (UPCCA), has launched for the first time a campaign to prevent alcohol consumption during Easter 2019.

While it is true that this is an eminently religious festival, where the general tone is recollection and respect, “it must also be borne in mind that moments of recreation, the bridge of 5 days between holidays and weekends and Easter holidays, can lead to inappropriate consumption of addictive substances,” said the mayor.

In this sense, from the UPCCA remember that, according to data from the DGT, in the Easter campaign in 2018 30 people died on Spanish roads and that the number of people killed in traffic accidents who had consumed alcohol and other drugs exceeds 40%. And although the number of deaths due to traffic accidents has been reduced by 71% in the last 12 years, the aim is to ensure that there is not a single person who does not return home. Similarly, the 5-day break and Easter school holidays generate a lot of free time for the adolescent population, exponentially increasing the possibilities of irresponsible consumption of alcohol and other dangerous substances.

As Grao explained, under the slogan “At Easter alcohol is not necessary”, “is intended to raise awareness about the unnecessary consumption to enjoy the holidays. The campaign is disseminated mainly through digital media with a poster, practical recommendations and a video, developed for this purpose, which can be found on the pages of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube of the UPCCA Orihuela.

This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)

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