The singer Víctor Manuel, the musical Chicago Life and Santiago Segura, Flo and Mota in the new program of the Teatro Circo Atanasio Die

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The Department of Culture today announced the programming of the Circus Theatre Atanasio Die Die this second quarter of the year.

A program that includes 4 plays of theaters, three of them free, 5 concerts, 2 humor shows for the whole family, 2 children’s shows and 1 musical. Thus, in terms of free theatrical performances for the audience will have on Friday May 3 with the comedy “Marceline”. A play whose protagonist is the most famous clown in the world and whose story will leave no one indifferent.

The next play will be on Saturday 11 May. It is “Qué movida”, a play that will be performed by the Foro Cultural de Teatro de Catral. And on Sunday 2 July we will be able to enjoy the theatrical adaptation of the Nobel Prize Darío Fo “We all have the same story”.
This theatrical programme will close on Friday 31 May with the play “Juntos” (Together), nominated for 4 Max National Theatre Prizes and featuring the well-known actresses Melani Olivares and kiti Mánver.

As for music, the Teatro Circo Atanasio Díe will host 3 concerts of the Union Lírica Orcelitana all organized by the Department of Culture and free entry. They will be on April 21, May 5 and June 16.

Also, we can enjoy the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Alicante on May 12 and the concert of the renowned artist Victor Manuel on May 18.

The humorous note will be played on this occasion by the well-known trio of humorists Flo, José Mota and Santiago Segura with “El sentido del humor. Dos tontos y yo”, will be on the 4th of May. And on 9 June we will have “El Comandante Lara y Cía”, a monologue by Luis Lara, who on this occasion is accompanied by Jesús Tapia and Vicente Ruidos.

And for children the Teatro Circo Atanasio Die will host two shows, the first on 19 May a children’s cantajuegos and on 25 May “Campanilla. A musical adventure”. This programme closes with the musical “Chicago Life. El Musical”, a show set in Chicao’s busiest and most singular club “The Magic Dwarf”. It will take place on June 7th.

From the Department of Culture consider that “this is a wide program, varied, thinking of the whole family and affordable for all audiences.

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This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)

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