Service for the removal of plant remains and fumigation of vials in Orihuela Costa

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The Department of Infrastructure, headed by the mayor Juan Ignacio Lopez-Bas, has launched the service of removal of weeds and plant remains and fumigation of roads in Orihuela Costa.

The contract, once submitted the proposals, was awarded recently and the merchant in charge of the work began last week the same.

López-Bas reported that “the small delay in starting up the service has been due to the tender procedure itself, given that it has now followed a different procedure to that of direct award by minor contract that we followed last year.

The mayor also noted that “the entire coast has been zoned and the contractor will work in all of them in a more coordinated manner and under the supervision of municipal technicians, to be more efficient in providing the service.

The duration of the contract will be one month and has five full-time gardening pawns and the material means necessary for its execution. The award price for the service was 21,538€ (VAT included).

This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)

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